Thirsty Thursday 2-13-20

This week for Thirsty Thursday we are featuring The Dixie Moon Saloon in Royal Oak.  I am not necessarily a country music person, but this bar was pretty cool.  It is spacious, drinks were not outrageous AND this Saturday at 9 PM my cousin, David Joseph and his band American Ages are playing there.  American ages is not a country band either.  They are more of a classic rock band that plays some country, rock and pop.   They usually play venues on the east side, but the owners of The Dixie Moon Saloon like to have them play there occasionally. 

If you are not into country music I wouldn’t avoid this place. While it is touted as a “honky-tonk bar” it is really a light country bar.  The atmosphere is lively enough to be entertaining, but not too loud that you can’t talk – and while there is a feeling of a country bar, it isn’t too over the top.  They serve craft cocktails and have plenty of beers on tap, a nice selection of bourbon and really good food as well. 

The Dixie Moon Saloon is located at 111 S Main St at 11 Mile in Royal Oak and is only open Thursday 6PM-11PM, Friday and Saturday 5PM-1AM

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